PrivatBank raises money to support pupils of the Volyn Regional orphanage

PrivatBank raises money to help support Volyn Regional specialized orphanage children with disabilities corporate social responsibility car

PrivatBank raised over 17,536 UAH for the children of the Volyn Regional orphanage for youth with central nervous system disabilities.

The money raised by PrivatBank will go to purchasing diapers and other essential items for the children.

Volyn Regional specialized orphanage is the only such institution in the region who cares for children with central nervous system disabilities and for which the essential items will go a long way.

PrivatBank helps in search for missing children in Ukraine

PrivatBank supported the initiative of the Commonwealth of Volunteers “Missing Children” to find children who go missing in Ukraine. Every year, between five and eight hundred children disappear, 10 percent of which never return home.

PrivatBank began broadcasting commercials about the missing children in its bank branches as well as developed software to collect information about the children in an effort to more efficiently distribute relevant information to the public.

Over 10,000 clients visit PrivatBank’s branches every day, vastly increasing the number of people who will see the commercials about the missing children and hopefully result in information leading to┬átheir safe return.

PrivatBank donates 2 million UAH for medical device to help doctors treat wounded soldiers

PrivatBank donates 2 million for medical device to help treat wounded soldiers corporate social responsibility csr

PrivatBank donated more than 2 million UAH for a computer tomograph (CT) machine to help doctors at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Clinic treat wounded soldiers.

The Clinic has already received more than 1.200 wounded soldiers in recent months and a CT machine will help in identification and treatment of their varying medical ailments.

PrivatBank cares deeply about the safety of our men at arms and continues to be at the forefront of charitable activities.

PrivatBank launches joint campaign to treat heart disease in children

PrivatBank launches joint campaign blameless heart to combat heart disease in children corporate social responsibility csr

PrivatBank launched a joint campaign with the Ukrainian Foundation and leading cardiac centers in Ukraine to combat heart disease in children. The campaign, “Blameless Heart, raises money for heart patches for children along with support during the recovery period.

PrivatBank made donations available through any PrivatBank ATM and Privat24, the revolutionary mobile banking system.

Blameless Heart raised over 282,303 USD, which directly funded 19 successful operations on young patients.

PrivatBank Mariupol charity fund raises more than 2.7 million hryvnia

PrivatBank charity fund raises more than 2.7 million hryvnia for corporate social responsibility

PrivatBank, through its charity fund, raised more than 2.7 million hryvnia for those affected in the recent Mariupol terrorist attack.

PrivatBank will distribute the funds as follows: 60.000 for the families of those killed; 30.000 to those seriously injured; 5.000 to those moderately injured; and 3.000 to those with minor injuries.

PrivatBank thanks everyone for their generous contributions in this endeavor.

Payments will be organized jointly with the charitable foundation “Helping Easy!”

PrivatBank opens emergency fundraiser for victims of the terrorist attack in Mariupol

PrivatBank opens emergency fundraiser for victims corporate social responsibility

PrivatBank, Ukraine’s largest commercial bank, has opened an emergency fundraiser for the victims and families of those killed by the recent terrorist attack in Mariupol.

The suicide attack killed 30 people including 2 small children. Over 97 civilians were treated for injuries sustained during the attack, 15 of which are in critical condition.

PrivatBank urges to give to those affected by this senseless violence.